Top 3 Gifts for Gardeners

Picking gifts that are actually useful can be difficult when you don’t fully understand or appreciate your gift-ee’s hobby. Well if your looking for a great gift for a gardener we have some ideas selected that any gardener will love.

Self Watering Bulb

With this wicked invention you can stop worrying about your plants dying when you forget to water them once, twice… or two weeks. This is perfect for that friend that has a house filled with plants. Even if they already have one you really can’t get enough of these. Made of high quality PVC so that it won’t burst with a small drop. Get yourself a Self watering plant bulb for just $5 a piece.

Watering Can Flower Pot

This watering can flower pot is the perfect replacement for a boring ol’ house pot. Works lovely in the kitchen and can hold a small bucket of water flowers.


Vegetable Garden Insect Umbrella

This one is perfect for your friend that has a vegetable garden. Every gardener has to deal with pesky insects (and helpful ones too). This product makes it that much easier by covering and protecting a small space from insects. The vegetable insect tent is foldable and washable while preventing flies, mosquitoes and more.

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